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The Greeks: What They Are And How To Use Them


The delta of a call can range from 0.00 to 1.00; the delta of a put can range from 0.00 to –1.00. Long calls have positive delta; short calls have negative delta. Long puts have negative delta; short puts have positive delta. Long stock has positive delta; short stock has negative delta. The closer an option's delta is to 1.00 or –1.00, the more the price of the option responds like actual long ...

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Understanding Stock Options Part 2 - Basic Option Strategies

Basic Strategies

The versatility of options stems from the variety of strategies available to the investor. Some of the more basic uses of options are explained in the following examples. 
For purposes of illustration, commission and transaction costs, tax considerations and the costs involved in margin accounts have been omitted from the examples. These factors will affect a strategy’s potential outcome, so always check with your broker and tax advisor before entering into any of these strategies. The following ...

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Understanding Stock Options Part 1

Options are financial instruments that can provide you, the individual investor, with the flexibility you need in almost any investment situation you might encounter.
Options give you options. You’re not just limited to buying, selling or staying out of the market. With options, you can tailor your position to your own situation and stock market outlook. 

Consider the following potential benefits of options:

You can protect stock holdings from a decline in market price
You can increase income against ...

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Back To The Basics - Money Management

One of the most difficult qualities of being a successful trader is learning good Money Management. It’s completely possible - and actually pretty common - to see people turn out to be right on a high percentage of their trades and still lose money. How is that possible? If you don’t use good Money Management by locking in profits, taking small losses on the picks you’re wrong about, and controlling your use of margin, eventually you’ll lose it all, no matter how ...

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Understanding Level 2 And Market Makers

Understanding Level 2 And Market Makers

Market data includes various pricing information (such as the most recently traded price), and various volume information (such as the number of contracts that were most recently traded). Market data is available in two different levels, with level 1 providing the basic trading information, and level 2 providing some additional trading information.

Level 1 Market Data

Level 1 market data provides all of the trading information that most day traders need, including the following :

  • Bid Price - The highest price that ...

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